• Supports multi-channel IO expansion.
  • Allows connecting different measurement range of CTs in one expansion module.
  • Powered by iWSN sensing module.
  • Removable screwed terminal block for easy maintenance.
  • Offers wall-mount mechanism and magnet for installation.


In order to upgrade the flexibility and expansibility of iWSN sensing module, the iXN expansion module is developed to connect to the iWSN sensing module. By means of iXN expansion modules, the iWSN sensing module can offer more current and temperature measurement channels. The iXN expansion module is energized by iWSN sensing module so that there is no external power supply needed. For convenient setting up and maintaining the application, the iXN expansion module provide removable screwed terminal block, wall-mount mechanism and magnet adsorption for installation, and also allows connecting different measurement range of CTs to fit various applications. More kinds of IO interface will be designed to rich the iWSN functionalities and unleash the power of iWSN sensing modules.


  • iWSN sensor and iXN-7CT5 connection diagram.



 Temperature Measurement
 Channels 7
 Range 0 °C ~ +80 °C
 Accuracy ±2 °C
 Installation Wall-mount or magnet adsorption


 Split-core CT Channels 5
 Split-core CT Type Φ16mm (100A), Φ24mm (200A), or Φ36mm (400A); 8 m wire
 Input Voltage Maximum 500VAC, 60 Hz
 Accuracy ±3% or ±0.3A


 Consumption 1-sec Tx Duty: 21 A
10-sec Tx Duty: 13 A
30-sec Tx Duty: 12 A
60-sec Tx Duty: 12A
 Input Type iWSN sensing module provides power through the audio line.


 Dimensions (mm) 72 x 115 x 35 (W x L x H)
 Installation DIN-rail or magnet adsorption


 Operating Temperature 0 °C ~ +45 °C
 Storage Temperature -20 °C ~ +50 °C
 Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing



CA-SCT16I-100A-L080 CA-SCT24I-200A-L080 CA-SCT36I-400A-L080
CA-SCT16I-100A-L080 CA-SCT24I-200A-L080 CA-SCT36I-400A-L080


iXN-7CT5TM7     CR  iXN Extension Module with 5-ch CT Input and 7-ch Thermistor Input (RoHS) (Asia Only) (Optional 100A/200A/400A CT) 1