• Self-powered by built-in a chargeable Li-ion battery
  • Support 4mA~20mA DC measurement and charging
  • Support temperature measurement
  • Uses 433 MHz radio frequency for communication.
  • 16 RF Channels and 4 Group ID, consist of maximum 64 RF sub-networks
  • Offers wall-mount mechanism and magnet for installation


The iWSN-1310-mA-ME sensing module is a self-powered module that supports 4mA ~ 20mA DC current and temperature measurement. It can obtain the required power from the measured current, so it does not need a power cord to supply power. The iWSN-1310-mA-ME can realize true wireless deployment by the 433MHz RF communication interface. Considering the maintenance and installation, the iWSN-1310-mA-ME sensing module uses the DIP switch and rotary switch for configuration. Through the good price 



 EMS Protection
 EFT (IEC 61000-4-4) +/- 500 V
 ESD (IEC 61000-4-2) +/- 4 kV Contact


 LED Indicators
 Status 1 x STA


 Temperature Measurement
 Channels 1
 Range 0 °C ~ +80 °C
 Accuracy ±2 °C
 Installation Wall-mount or magnet adsorption


 Channels 0 ~ 15 configured by DIP switch
 Group ID 0 ~ 3 configured by DIP switch
 Radio Frequency 433.1000 ~ 434.6000 MHz
 Transmission Power 9±1dBm (PA Off) / 18±1dBm (PA On)
 Transmission Distance (LoS) 100 m
 Node ID 1 ~ 31 configured by DIP switch
 Working Duty 1 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec and 60 sec configured by DIP switch


 Type 0 dBi Omni directional PCB antenna


 Analog Input
 Channels 3 (Differential)
 Range 0~20mA
 Accuracy ±0.5%


 Consumption 1-sec Tx Duty: 11 A
10-sec Tx Duty: 3 A
30-sec Tx Duty: 3 A
60-sec Tx Duty: 3A
 Battery Li-ion battery (compliant with UL1642) charged by CT induced current


 Dimensions (mm) 94 x 152 x 21 (W x L x H)
 Installation Wall-mount or magnet adsorption


 Operating Temperature 0 °C ~ +45 °C
 Storage Temperature -20 °C ~ +50 °C
 Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing



CA-TM-M100-L050P CA-TM-M200-L050P CA-TM-P100-L020P
CA-TM-M100-L050P CA-TM-M200-L050P CA-TM-P100-L020P


iWSN-1310-mA-ME     CR  iWSN Current Sensing Module with 3-ch 4 ~ 20 mA Input and 1-ch Thermistor Input (RoHS) (Asia Only) 1