• Bi-directional Energy
• True RMS Power Measurements
• Energy Analysis for 3P4W, 3P3W, 1P3W, 1P2W
• Voltage Measurements Up to 500 V
• W Accuracy Better than 0.5% (PF=1)
• Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
• Supports Modbus TCP Protocol
• Supports 2 Power Relay Output (Form A)
• IEC 61010-1 and EN 61010-1


ICP DAS brings the most powerful, cost-effective, advanced Smart Power Meters PM-3133P series that gives you access to real-time electric usage for three-phase power measurement. With high accuracy (<5%, PF=1 ), the PM-3133P series can be applied to both low voltage primary side and/or medium/high voltage secondary side and enables the users to obtain reliable and accurate energy consumption readings from the monitored equipments in real time under operation. It operates over a wide input voltages range 10 to 500 VAC which allows worldwide compatibility. And with 2 channels relay outputs, it can be linked with sirens or lightings for alarm messages. It also supports Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP or CANopen protocols for easy integration. You can use CTs(other than Rogowski coils) that you currently own with PM-3133P (without CTs) Power Meter. The CT inputs of the PM-3133P can be directly input from the secondary side of 333mV CT.


• Generator monitoring
• Switchgear distribution systems
• Energy Management
• Power quality analysis


 AC Power Measurement
 Wiring 3P4W-3CT, 3P3W-2CT, 3P3W-3CT, 1P2W-1CT, 1P3W-2CT
 Loops Three-phase
 Input Voltage 10 ~ 500 V
 Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
 W Accuracy Better than 5% (PF=1)
 Power Parameter Measurement True RMS voltage (Vrms), True RMS current (Irms), Active Power (kW), Active Energy (kWh), Apparent Power (kVA), Apparent Energy (kVAh), Reactive Power (kVAR), Reactive Energy (kVARh), Power Factor (PF), Frequency
 Data Update Rate 1 Second


 Includes CTs 0


 Protocol Modbus TCP


 Input Range +12 ~ 48 VDC or PoE
 Consumption 2 W
 Alarm Output Form A (Normal Open) x 2; Relay Contact Voltage Range: 5 A @ 250 VAC (47 ~ 63 Hz), 5 A @ 30 VDC


 Casing Plastic
 Dimensions (mm) 33 x 127 x 100 (W x L x H)
 Installation DIN-Rail Mounting


 Operating Temperature 20 °C ~ +70 °C
 Storage Temperature -25 °C ~ +80 °C
 Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing



Current Transformer
Current Transformer


PM-3133P-MTCP     CR  Modbus TCP, 3-phase power meter (Can be directly input from the secondary side of 333mV CT; Rogowski coils are not supported) (RoHS) 1