Industrial Gateway


  • Powerful MCU handles efficient network traffic
  • 2 x RJ-45 EtherCAT connectors
  • Integrate RS-232/422/485 serial device to EtherCAT
  • Allows system integrators to retro-fit older automation devices into modern EtherCAT communication structures
  • Requires no hardware or software changes to be made to the connected device
  • Compatible with all PLCs with EtherCAT support
  • Performs complete serial protocol conversion, no PLC function blocks required
  • Supports maximum 256 WORD Input and 256 WORD Output Data
  • Supports serial port interface
    • Supports Modbus RTU (Master) protocol
    • Supports RS-232/422/485 Port
    • Supports maximum Baud Rate 115200 bps


Integrate your serial RS-232/422/485 based industrial devices and equipment to an EtherCAT control system without the need for any changes to the device. Just connect, configure and it's finished. The ECAT-2610 Communicator is a proven and trusted protocol converter gateway that connects non-networked industrial devices and equipment to EtherCAT. The gateway performs an intelligent protocol conversion and presents the serial data to the Master PLC/Controller as easily processed I/O data.



 COM Ports
Ports 1 x RS-232/422/485
Protocol Modbus RTU (Master)


 Ports RJ-45 x 2
Distance between Stations: Max. 100 m (100BASE-TX)
Data Transfer Medium: Ethernet/EtherCAT Cable (Min. CAT 5e)
 Cycle Time 10 ms
 Distributed Clocks N/A


 Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
 Input Range +12 VDC ~ +48 VDC
 Consumption 0.1 A @ 24 VDC


 Casing Plastic
 Dimensions (mm) 33 x 127 x 99 (W x L x H)
 Installation DIN-Rail


 Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C (-13 to 167 ℉)
 Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80 °C (-22 to 176 ℉)
 Humidity 10% ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing



Ethernet Cable
Ethernet Cable


 ECAT-2610     CR  EtherCAT Slave to Modbus RTU Master Gateway (RoHS)
Includes CA-0915 (DB9 Male to DB9 Female Cable, 1.5 M)