CPM-20 Multifunction Power Meter

■ With reliability simulation test report of MTBF over 60,000 hours.

■ Auto wiring change (Note) via software.

■ High brightness display. Able to perform even in direct sunlight.

■ RS485 Modbus RTU, the highest baud rate can reach 115200bps; data error rate below 1%

■ FCC, CE certified


CPM-20 multifunction power meter with high accuracy measurement for single phase and three-phase system. Measuring parameters for voltage, current, active/reactive/apparent power and energy, power factor, and frequency etc.. Standard with RS-485 Modbus RTU communication port, front LCD display with buttons for programming. It can display the accumulated COemission for power monitoring and management.


■ Energy monitor of motor control panel / distribution board

■ Energy management / electric cost allocation

■ Intelligent power panel

■ Community power monitoring

■ Intelligent green building