About Us

Nimbus Technologies has been incorporated in 2003 by 3 technocrats with vast experience in Automation & Data Acquisition Systems. Promoters have 15 to 20 years experience in the Industry in Distribution & Execution of Industrial Data Acquisition Systems , PLC based Automation solutions and Communication system.

Nimbus Technologies is a reputed Distributors of various reputed International Brands for Industrial Computers, Data Acquisition products, Transmitters , Signal Conditioners, PID Controllers, GSM , GPRS modem, Data Logger, RFID Based solution, Short range Wireless Products & various other Industrial Products.

We have vast experience in Supply, Installation & Commissioning of all the above at various sites in India. We can provide you best solution for your Industrial Automation Solutions and provide excellent after sales service.

We have executed many SCADA projects for Industrial Plant automation, Defense projects, Pharmaceuticals clean room application, Auto Mobile industry, Petro chemical Industry etc.

We have also diversified in to Industrial & Domestic Security System to cater to all the security solution needed with a very high quality products.

Some of our product line is as below.

  • Industrial Computers & workstation
  • Fault tolerant & Rugged Industrial Computer
  • EBOX Rugged Fan Less, Solid State Disk Industrial Compact PC.
  • Industrial LCD/VGA Monitors, LED Display solution, Video wall etc
  • Touch screen Panel PC’S & Panel Monitors, Signage solution.
  • Embedded PC104, CAPA boards & Systems
  • PCI Bus Multi Port RS232/RS422/RS485 Communication Cards.
  • PCI Bus Multi Port RS232/RS422/RS485 Communication Cards.
  • Data storage solutions, DOC, DOM etc.
  • Standalone Data Acquisition Systems & Data Logger.
  • DAQ boards PCI/ISA Bus based.
  • Embedded controller for Automation
  • RS232/RS485/RS422/USB Converters & Repeaters.
  • Fiber optic to RS232/485/422/Ethernet converters
  • Radio Modem, GSM / GPRS Modems, GPRS Data logger
  • Modbus Multiplexer, Modbus & Profibus Gateway ( RTU/TCP).
  • RTD/TC Transmitters & Isolators
  • Signal Conditioners, Signal Isolators.
  • Electrical parameter Transducer & meters,
  • RH/ Temperature Transmitters, Data Loggers.
  • Single & Multi loop PID Controllers.
  • Security Products DVR, CCTV Cameras, Wireless , IP Cameras, VDP

We represent following companies in India.

  • Aaeon, Taiwan - Industrial Computers
  • Caho, Taiwan - PID/ Profile Controller
  • ICPDAS , Taiwan - DAS Modules, Embedded cont, Converters
  • ICOP, Taiwan - Embedded SBC cards
  • Intelligent Instrumentation - Ethernet / USB based Embedded system
  • ANKOM - Portable Data loggers, Chart Recorders
  • ARSoft . France - SCADA software, Soft PLC system
  • Lex System China - Embedded System, SBC Board
  • Handy Port, Korea - Short Distance Wireless Radio Modem
  • Hotware, Taiwan - Long Distance Wireless Radio Modem
  • Globe Security,China - Rugged PTZ camera, Laser Camera
  • Wellintech Beijing China - KingView SCADA software
  • Robustel Communication - 3G wireless Modem, Gateway
  • Shenzhen SanYaun - Analog Isolators, Signal Conditioners
  • Shenzhen sensor - Electrical Parameters transducers.
  • CWT - Home Alarm & SMS Alert modem
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